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Lucy the Self-Love Fairy Collection

Lucy the Self-Love Fairy Collection

Lucy Love is a fairy who is all about love, love, love!... 

Zzzeraphina the Sleep Fairy Collection

Zzzeraphina the Sleep Fairy Collection

Sprinkle some sleepy dust and fall asleep with Zzzeraphina the Sleeping Fairy... 

  • My Mind Full of Happiness Guide

    Enter the magical world of Love and Light Land in this beautiful, illustrated book. It is a world filled with fairies who will take your children on a spiritual journey, giving them life-changing tools to support their mental and physical well-being.

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  • Zzzeraphina the Sleeping Fairy Bedtime Story Book

    The perfect book to read to your little ones at bedtime! Read all about Zzzeraphina and how a sprinkle of fairy dust can help send your children into a wonderful, magical, deep sleep!

  • Lucy Love loves to get mail!

    Send Lucy Love a message to hellofairy@fairyclub.love and look out for a free fairy download in your inbox direct form Lucy Love herself!

  • Meet Kat!

    Meet Kat, the creator behind Fairy Club and all the fairies within it! Read her story of a starry world in TV and music and how a sad life event led her to her passion of writing and creating fairy characters to help children thrive physically, mentally and spiritually.